Getting your hopes up then not delivering since the late 90s
  1. Rap Genius (now
    Rarely explains anything you want to learn about. Filled with wild and unsubstantiated speculation. Almost all annotations are infected with an obnoxiously academic tone that reads like a 10th grader trying to sound smart.
  2. Ask Jeeves
    Always wanted Jeeves to do more for me on this one. Instead he was basically just a second rate search engine. They eventually removed the "Jeeves" from the name and so now it's just Interestingly if you drive down the 101 in SF they have billboards with questions like "What causes the marine layer? Ask on" but if you go to and type in the questions the answers are worse than a Google search.
  3. RetailMeNot and all other coupon code sitez
    Whenever you go to buy something online they taunt you with that PROMO CODE field and you feel like a sucker if you don't have anything to put in there. When you a Google around for something you end up on one of these sites that has a bunch of offers that expired in 2012 and other "offers" that are like "This company is having a sale. 15-30% off select items" but no coupon codes.
  4. 90% of the linkbait crap cross promoted at the bottom of legitimate articles by Taboola, Gravity, and Outbrain
    "19 Stars Who Contracted Herpes", etc. always a 23 slide slideshow to show you 10 bad pictures and 8000 ads. Don't fall into the trap!
  5. Wolfram Alpha
    Can tell you random scientific things like the position of the constellation Ursa Major if you are looking up from Cambodia. Or to draw a graph of the Candian French vs English speaking population from 1850-1920. Or to integrate differential equations. But can never tell you anything you want to actually know. Like what is Macaulay Culkin up to these days?