Warning: this is one of those lists that I only made to rank someone one dead last. Spoiler alert: it's f*ing Mycroft.
  1. Sherlock Holmes
    As long as he's not trying to be a human being or something sappy, he's great. I kind of wish he'd relapse into using drugs tho.
  2. Watson
    Spunky, competent. Likable. Good on screen repartee with SH.
  3. Gregson
    Great police chief character. Mostly competent and fair and balanced. Wise. Keeps everything grounded.
  4. Bell
    Except when he got all weird and mopey during season 2.
  5. Moran
    I thought he was cool and was sad when he died.
  6. Moriarty
    Accent is a little weird. And keep thinking Joffrey is going to jump out whenever she's on screen but she's pretty solid.
  7. All other characters.
    Most of them are fine
  8. Lastrade
    This character makes no sense and is not interesting. If you're going to be incompetent, at least be nice about it. Should be more like Inspector Japp in the Poirot dramatizations.
  9. Mycroft
    THE WORST. The only reason I made this list is just to vent about how awful he is. Creepy as f*ck. Weird looking. Doesn't make any sense that Watson would sleep w him. I hate every episode that he appears in. And it makes me not want to watch the show. The 2 other sad parts are (a) that Rhys Irfans is actually a fine actor but just really miscast here and (b) in the books, Mycroft is the man and one of my favorites.