UK only obvi. For @lesleyarfin
  1. The Office
    I can only watch this in ten minute chunks before I say "DON'T DO IT DAVID" and have to take a breather. Monkey! Free love on the Freelove Freeway. Gareth Keenan (imagine him answering the telephone).
  2. Top Gear
    I'm not even a car guy but the way Jeremy Clarkson gets excited about gearboxes and brake horsepower and pronounces things like Prius funny makes it seem very exciting.
  3. Jeeves & Wooster
    Maybe this is one of those things where the books are even better but I'm not sure. This is how I was introduced to Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie and they are so good in it. The Cow Creamer one and Roderick Spode.
  4. Poirot
    This is how I imagine Europe and one of the reasons I never go there is so I can't be let down when it isn't. If you want to get an idea of how terrible most American attempts at British accents must sound, listen to the "American" characters on this one.
  5. I, Claudius
    You wouldn't think a series about Ancient Rome would be way before its time but this was the original Game of Thrones. A historical long running series full of intrigue, violence, weird sexual stuff, and an underdog main character who makes everything happen using his wits and political skill while everyone around him underestimates him because of his physical shortcomings.
  6. Jack Taylor
    An Irish drunk kicked off the police force. Feels like a totally different weird world. Almost need subtitles because of the accents.
  7. Intentionally not on this list: Downton Abbey
    This is fine for a trashy soap opera that makes no sense I guess but it bothers me when people pretend it's somehow more serious just because everyone has British accents and lives in a manor and the old lady is a good actress.
  8. Haven't seen but probably should: Dr. Who, Black Mirror
  9. Monty Python's Flying Circus
    My best friend's parents were from India and they would make us watch Betamax tapes of this. Good times. I sometimes do the silly walks from the ministry of silly walks but if people haven't seen that sketch they think you're a weirdo.
  10. Are You Being Served?
    When I was a kid, my mom worked for PBS so I was only allowed to watch public television and this was what was on the secondary public station after I got home from school. I didn't really get it but #nostalgia and I think it primed me to appreciate British comedy more later in life.
  11. Pride & Prejudice
    The weirdest thing about this adaptation is that the pretty sister Jane is so homely. I just could never get past that. One time I looked her up on imdb and she is actually pretty but they just did her hair and make up in a gross British way. But yeah I could never get past that.