1. A way to reference lists (link to, @-mention)
    Would be really good to send a list to someone else in a message like a text or email, if it's relevant to them. @mentioning them in the comments on the list is a pretty good substitute but I think this would just be additive. Wish I could link to lists to make lists of lists, like my own favorite lists. Would have been very helpful for power rankings.
  2. #hashtags
    Right now, most lists are very self-centric since the main mechanism of distribution is to followers (modulo editor's picks). Would be cool to to tag this with #listapp or #listappsuggestions or whatever, and then give people interested a way to see all stuff around that together. I think Instagram's implementation of this is quite good, but the feature might work even better in ListApp because the lists can be so topical, etc. Could be fun to see lists about #sports or #music, etc.
  3. A way to add descriptions to list requests and edit/delete list requests
    Small thing but would be nice
  4. -----------
    Above this line, I'm almost sure these would be good. Below this line, they might be but might not be.
  5. A way to like individual list items and/or comments
    Not sure this is actually a good idea -- might clutter things up too much -- but it's a really nice feeling when someone picks up on the best item in a list you made. Sort of similarly, would be nice to be able to like comments to acknowledge them in a positive way but again, might clutter things up. Wouldn't prioritize either of these and would test them out and be careful before releasing them.
  6. Relist your own lists
    at first glance this seems super douchey, but some lists are kind of timeless and if you could relist them to recycle them through your followers again when the time felt right & relevant, that might be cool (esp. as new people sign up). Ok yeah it's pretty douchey.