You can get it through Steam on your computer.
  1. The sequel Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number just came out to mixed reviews.
    Some people think it's too hard but if you played the first enough that you think you are good, it's perfect.
  2. The game is made by 2 guys in Sweden.
    One artist and one programmer. It looks like a Super Nintendo game.
  3. The vibe is Quentin Tarantino mixed with Miami Vice mixed with Drive
    The art plus the soundtrack plus the weird story somehow all fit together in a totally immersive way.
  4. It is incredibly hard
    If you played flappy bird on the iPhone before the dev made it easy, it requires that precision of reflexes. But it's way more complicated.
  5. It feels like shooting a basketball kind of
    As you get better you clear things perfectly more often but you still miss/die. All the time. Even the best players in the world won't finish the game without dying if they are racing through it.
  6. There is almost no downtime
    As soon as you die you can start again. The better you get the more you can rush through rooms and floors like a whirlwind.
  7. Once you start to get good, it feels like playing music
    Different people have different styles of doing the same thing. I think I could watch videos of different people playing the game and, after a little while, recognize each player by their playstyle. Whenever I watch videos of other people playing, I keep thinking "I would have done that slightly differently. Used a different weapon. Or hid in a slightly different place."
  8. The story is good for a video game
    I don't necessarily think there needs to be a movie made of this game but they at least create a feeling of backstory and depth for the characters that makes you curious. And the universe everyone lives in is so bleak and weird yet sort of coherent, it works.
  9. The game is ultra violent and often sickening
    Even pixelated unrealistic characters can make you feel bad sometimes.
  10. I once thought I should go to bed because it was probably almost midnight.
    And then realized it was 10AM and the sun was out and I had been holding my pee and had not moved for 12 hours. At least I got all the achievements except one!
  11. People really like the soundtracks
    They are electronic mood music with no lyrics. You can find them on YouTube. Good playlists for work. HM// . HM2WN// . M|O|O|N is LCD Soundsystem's nephew or something.
  12. You get better quickly and it feels amazing
    On some chemical level, getting pretty good at this is one of the more satisfying things I've done in the past 5 years.
  13. I hate the hospital level.
    It's not fun and annoying. At least there's only one.
  14. Get to the car
    The most haunting part of the game is after you kill everyone in a scene you usually have to back to your car in near silence, retracing your steps through all the carnage. That's almost the only time you have to stop and reflect and it can take your breath away if you're deep in it.
  15. My own playstyle is melee-heavy
    I think I'm hitting the ceiling on this technique. To get better I need to get faster and better with all the different guns, esp. aiming without lock on and quickly at close range.
  16. Here is totalbiscuit explaining WTF these games are . HM2WN//
  17. I can't totally explain it
    I like the art and the story and soundtrack but am not obsessed with them. I wish the game was a little less grotesquely violent. And it can be so damn frustrating. But the gameplay allows for so much creativity within it and there's enough subtle randomness that you feel like total mastery is always just out of reach, that I've never had as much fun playing a game without friends.