(Nominations welcome, esp in the hot cars, and cute animals, and food categories)
  1. Most amazing photographs and educational descriptions. (National Geographic)
  2. harlowandsage - http://bit.ly/1FVJIMf
    The cutest non aggregator dogs account
  3. Queen of all babes and champion of Instagram. A goddess among us.
  4. brodiesmith21 - http://bit.ly/1v9pCgG
    The king of frisbee trick shots
  5. A good random instajoke and meme aggregator but if someone knows a better one suggest it
  6. A good cute animal aggregator. Suggest a better one if there is one.
  7. picturesoftext - http://bit.ly/1v9pCNw
    The best account for non-meme pictures of text
  8. The best Instagram account from anyone I know personally in SF. An artistic photographer and I love her dog Cooper. He's so cute! ???? http://bit.ly/1v9u4f8
  9. Notes
    Shoutout to the Fat Jew for not being afraid to push the limit and get banned. But kind of a non shoutout for not attributing his material to original creators. Think this list should have a sports car photos account but I don't know what one is the best. Suggest it. I don't really do pictures of food so not including those. Also Kendall Jenner.
  10. @thiswildidea
    Suggested by @elle