I am a bench warmer/waterboy/equipment manager for a really good flag football team in San Francisco but tonight we were short on guys so I had to play the whole game.
  1. The game was against the red team aka Illegal Aliens, one of our two main rivals.
  2. We went down 14-0 in the first half
  3. I played center the whole game
    Mostly snapped the ball well except for one play where I hiked it into my own butt. Oops. Luckily it didn't matter in the end.
  4. I scored a 2/3 of the field TD when two defenders slammed into each other trying to tackle me
    They brought the house so they weren't playing a safety so it was just clear sailing to the end zone after I got past the first two guys
  5. On defense I played corner and didn't get beat deep at all
    I blew coverages twice but the quarterback's throw was out of bounds once and on the other Cart (the safety) gave me help over the top and made a great INT in the end zone. Lucky me.
  6. Made a big play to break up a pass on 4th down which would have sealed the game for them
    Instead we got the ball back and were able to score the go ahead touchdown
  7. Correctly called out every time they were going to do a hard count
    For some reason doing a hard count and making the other team jump off sides is a big thing in flag football. Our team is especially bad at falling for it. I felt like I helped make it so we only gave them one free play.
  8. We won the game 18-14
    Feels great to start the week with a W. And it's so much more satisfying to play a great game when your team wins.
  9. Sports are the best
    There's no feeling better than making a big play when your teammates are counting on you.