Power users can combine these
  1. Lists about ListApp
    Like this one.
  2. Vanity Lists
    Let me tell you about myself in 10 bullet points. Often by request which makes them more socially acceptable.
  3. Been Thinking This Forever
    A topical variant of the vanity list. I have been waiting for years to tell everyone what I think about this and I wish you cared as much as I do. My favorite vice.
  4. Theme with Variations
    80% of the joke is in the title. Bonus points when any of the entries are clever on their own. @NKraft @Jack @fats
  5. Shit on the Bottom
    Ostensibly a ranking but really just a longwinded passive aggressive way to tell everyone you don't like something that's popular. @jackwaz @bjnovak
  6. List of Places / Recommendations
    Something that probably will become popular and useful when ListApp is bigger but is mostly ignored right now.
  7. Public Handholding
    If you @mention someone twice in the same list, the point of it is probably to tell everyone else that you are BFFFFFs. Most girls on ListApp do this with the 👯 emoji. Especially @sophia & @celine
  8. Deep Dive
    All lists of > 20 items. Letting everyone know how much you know about a subject. Every list by @Price
  9. Story List
    Anything resembling the movie Boyhood except in list form. "Memoirs", "Chronology", etc. @zoe
  10. The Twist
    9 serious items followed by 1 attempt to be clever, funny, or interesting and offbeat.