1. Google search history
    Figuring out how to get my search history
  2. Ajit nazre trae vassallo
    Former partner and partner at KPCB involved in discrimination/harassment lawsuit in the news today.
  3. Tim Conatser
    Horrible person in Texas who just shot his neighbors dogs and posted a photo on Facebook :(
  4. setContentOffset, setTimeout, requestAnimationFrame
    Work things
  5. Carolyn Dennis bob Dylan
    Deep in the rabbit hole of celebrity personal lives. He had a secret wife for 6 years and a daughter with her who is about to have a lesbian wedding he is invited to but not expected to attend.
  6. Ashton Kutcher 2005
    For photos to make my list of people I am told I look like.
  7. Gulp vs grunt
    When you look up the answer to a question you already have a strong opinion about so you can look down on the people who are dumb on the Internet. For those who are curious, gulp is the right answer.
  8. opendoor
    My friend's company just raised a lot of money
  9. Stephenson Billings
    A wacko writer on this website I came across called HardDawn