1. Won the 100m and 200m at the WPIAL Championships in 1999.
    I was also in that meet! That's why I'm making this list. We both raced at states that year too.
  2. This is her singlehandedly winning the Pennsylvania state 4x100m championship in 2001. (As much as a person can singlehandedly win a relay race).
    The girl she edges out at the finish was 2nd best in the state in the 100m and 200m. Seriously. Watch the video. The video quality is terrible but the performance is insane
  3. In 2004, she was the anchor to the 4x100m USA women's relay team but the exchange from Marion Jones to her was fumbled :(
  4. In the individual 100m, she won the silver medal!
  5. She finally won a gold medal in 2012 by running for the USA 4x100m team in the preliminaries.
  6. In Sochi in 2014, she won a silver medal in the bobsled making her the 5th person ever to medal in both the summer and Winter Olympics!