1. Worrying that the list request I sent him drove @vanzorn to announce that he's quitting List App
  2. Conspicuous non-likes such as when someone comments on your list without liking it or likes a different list from the one you mention them in.
  3. Any time someone doesn't make a list you requested of him/her
    Maybe I should delete it... Sh*t I can't 😳😝 HOW DO I FIX THIS? Even worse, coming up with better ideas for your set in stone list request.
  4. When someone makes a suggestion on your list that is OK but not perfect
    What is more important? The sanctity of the art of the tightly constructed list or the feelings of the person that went out on a limb to suggest something for you.
  5. Looking at the Trending List
    All of these have so many likes and relists and are so good. How can I keep up?
  6. When someone you know likes the list right above yours but not yours 😭
    Related: when a list made after yours has more likes than yours does. Now I know how 45 year old divorcees feel about younger hotter women.
  7. When you finally get a list with more likes and relists than some of the ones on the Trending section and mine still doesn't show up there
    Am I disqualified? 😦💔
  8. Do I need to be Jewish?
  9. That the only lists I've made that are popular are all lists about List App
    What does this mean?
  10. Being about to make fun of Mark Ronson for looking like a dork next to Bruno Mars in the Uptown Funk video and then realizing that he's a real person and his family is on List App
    It's risky to take cheap shots at anyone here. (It's a great video. I've watched it tons of times and even the related video of his TED talk I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry 😳)