Tell me what I'm missing in the comments. Also I'm actually really mainstream usually. Think I'm going weekend 2 if anyone else is.
  1. Ryan Adams
    He's like the Joyce Carol Oates of music in that everyone underrates him because he puts out too much stuff except he's not like Joyce Carol Oates because his best stuff is just the best. 💯💯💯💯💯 best song: so many choices aghhhhh but ok I can pick. Come Pick Me Up.
  2. The Night Terrors of 1927
    Not sure how they are literally the smallest print band on the poster. They are really good and not even weird. The guitarist is from Rilo Kiley and was a child actor on some Nickelodeon show I couldn't watch because we didn't have cable. Favorite song: Young and Vicious.
  3. alt-J (∆)
    I feel like an asshole when I'm rooting for a band to only play 1-2 songs from their new album their trying to promote but since these guys only have 2 albums, they should be able to cover most of their best songs no matter what. Phew. Favorite song: Bloodflood.
  4. RAC
    I don't really know anything about RAC (is it one guy? A group?), but I keep flipping back to them on my Coachella playlist. Favorite song: any of the popular ones that aren't a remix of someone else's song.
  5. Ratatat
    Favorite song: Lex. I once left LA at 4AM in a Honda Civic and made it to a 9AM work meeting in Palo Alto with nothing to keep me going except 3 Red Bulls and Lex on non-stop repeat.
  6. Will probably go see and enjoy: Madeon, Florence & The Machine, Belle and Sebastian, Father John Misty, AC/DC, Steely Dan, Alabama Shakes
  7. Will probably get dragged to and be fine with: Kaskade, Drake, Alesso, Axwell ^ Ingrosso
  8. Will vaguely mean to go to but it probably won't happen for some reason: David Guetta, Martin Solveig, Jenny Lewis, War on Drugs, Tyler the Creator, Porter Robinson, Caribou, Interpol, Panda Bear, Squarepusher, Jack White
  9. The Lineup, for your reference/convenience.
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    So many bands. Why am I only excited about 5 of them?