Win the ListQuest game by completing all of these!
  1. @bjnovak follows you
    It's still early enough that you mostly have to just sign up
  2. First Like from Someone You Only Know Through List App
    So you know it's not a just-being-polite like
  3. Get a relist from someone who's list game you deeply respect
    What a statement it is when someone whose work you like says "I like this enough that I'll take it and put it in my own list feed for my followers"
  4. Become one of the Editor's Picks
    @dev picks these so if you're stuck read through his likes and relists to understand his tastes. Or just try bribery.
  5. Get on the Trending list
    Even it's just for a fleeting moment, you're in the Top 2% of all these clever people.
  6. Triple Double
    Double digit likes, double digit relists, double digit comments. Something's got to really RESONATE late get 10 relists right now.
  7. Getting a like on your list from @LevNovak
    The hardest thing to do on List App