True story. These happened to me.
  1. If you put a little water bottle in the seat back pocket in front of you on an airplane and then there's no room for your knees.
  2. If you order a soda at a bar (Coke, tonic water, whatever), it always tastes half like a suicide because everything gets mixed in the soda gun.
  3. What to do with the cardboard boxes from stuff you order online
    Shouldn't Amazon Prime come with a service where someone comes to your apartment and breaks down those boxes and takes them away?
  4. Every time you use a new shower, you have to spend ten minutes nudging knobs until you get the temperature just right.
    Except in Japan where they have digital controls. Note: if you can't get the shower to the right temperature that is a major annoyance and does not qualify for this list.
  5. Everything that's good for you is perishable
    It's seriously embarrassing how much yogurt I throw out.
  6. When you search for Open Now restaurants on Yelp at 9:58PM but what you really want is to see things that are open after 10.
    Related; when restaurants or stores close early and racing so you get there at 5:57 turns out to be pointless.
  7. Street cleaning on the 3rd Tuesday of every month.
    Just infrequent enough that I never remember to move my car. Frequent enough that it's a problem.
  8. When you type the name of a place into Google Maps and it shows you a listing in a totally different city.
    What algorithm thinks I want to drive 7 hours to San Antonio right now? I obviously meant the one 3/4 mile from here spelled with a Z.
  9. When you have 45 minutes free and you're exhausted but that's not enough time to fall asleep and wake back up again.
    Actually wait that's the worst.