Is today (Monday)
  1. Harvard vs Minnesota in the finals of the college ultimate frisbee national championships
    I played on the Harvard team and hosted a bunch of the players this year when they played a tournament out at Stanford. I am so impressed that they've made it to the national championship game. When I played it was a huge deal to even make it to nationals for us. So proud of these kids. John Stubbs and Mark Vandenberg are absolutely incredible players and leaders. Watch on the ESPN app at 2:30PM ET/11:30AM PT. Or go if you are in Raleigh!
  2. 🐧🏒Penguins vs Sharks in game 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs
    I grew up watching Mario Lemieux and Jaromir Jagr lead the Pens to two Stanley Cups and I love the way the team this year has come together since Mike Sullivan took over. Should be a great series but I have an unreasonable faith in the Pens to pull it out the year. 🏆
  3. 🏀 Warriors vs Thunder Game 7, Western Conference Finals
    Game 6 was insane. Game 7 could be one of the all time best conclusions to an NBA playoff series. I love both of these teams and the way they have played this series (for the most part). This game should be nuts. I have been following the Warriors this year and have a soft spot for them but I hope both teams play really well and the team that deserves it advances.