If you haven't been paying attention, Ryan Adams covered the entire album 1989 in the style of either Bruce Springsteen's Nebraska or the Smiths (depending on whom you ask). I am obsessed with Ryan Adams so that's why @kelly requested this list from me.
  1. One of the the most vomit inducing moments of 2015 for me was at a Ryan Adams concert in Santa Rosa when the biggest cheers from the audience came when he started to play his cover version on Wonderwall.
    Wonderwall is one of my favorite songs but the Ryan Adams cover of it is just ok and not as good as the original. And DRA is one of the greatest songwriters OF ALL TIME.
  2. So a part of me is thinking: every time someone listens to DRA cover someone else's song that's a chance missed where we could have listened to Ryan Adams sing a Ryan Adams original which is usually just better.
  3. Which is to say that the feelings of *apprehension* and *skepticism* dominated my first thoughts.
  4. But who the F* am I to think I should have any say in what songs DRA wants to sing or record or release?
  5. And the thing is-- it's actually pretty darn good.
    I guess that it's not that surprising that an award winning singer songwriter in the midlife Renaissance covering the most popular and respected pop album of the year ends up just fine.
  6. The songs that are the best Taylor Swift songs don't line up exactly with the best Ryan Adams versions.
  7. "Style" is the best song on it.
  8. "Shake It Off" and "Blank Space" are both better done by Taylor Swift.
    Though the Ryan Adams versions are good too!
  9. This will probably make me try harder to appreciate Taylor Swift more.
    More than it will do anything for the way I think about Ryan Adams
  10. There is definitely a DRA daydream fantasy about how this ignites a passionate romance between him and Taytay
    The infinity instagrams of Natalie Prass aren't fooling me you (insanely talented) old little troll man sliding into the DMs and headphones of a 26 year old skinny blonde girl. I think that has approx as much chance of working out as a John Mayer romance with Zoe K. Assign your own %ages.
  11. Did you know DRA wrote a song called 1974 -- his birth year -- on the album Rock N Roll? Taylor Swift was born in 1989.
    Kindred spirits 🎸🎶🎤
  12. @Nicholas and I have a bet about whether the release of this album will get DRA 20,000 new followers on Spotify (a proxy for just generally getting a bunch of new fans)
    I bet against. @Nicholas for. It looks like he will probably win.
  13. It will be weird if Ryan Adams becomes famous though.
    He's spent so many years developing this shtick around his lack of popularity. And all his stage banter is about how many records he sells (sarcasm, i.e. doesn't sell).
  14. When I grow up, I think I either want to be a person that someone great decides is worth covering, or be the person that someone great is excited when I cover her stuff.
    Not sure which one yet.