1. C Bones
    My dad still calls me this.
  2. UndraCheev
    My AOL screen name. Also a reference to my underachievement in the classroom as a middle schooler!
  3. Chuck D Cheeves
    Chuck D Cheeves's - Where a kid can be a kid!
  4. [What's] Up Chuck
  5. Chuckles
    In 5th grade I decided I didn't like this one and attacked Jared Lange for calling me it. That was dumb. Sorry Jared. I don't mind it now. My best friends' parents call me this for some reason.
  6. Charles in Charge
    Of our days. And our lives.
  7. Sorry, Charlie
    The tuna
  8. Cheever / Cheeves
    Confusing in the or presence of family members
  9. Cheeseburger
    @lattaq calls me this. One day @danrose pointed out that it was belittling me and I got annoyed I hadn't even realized. *shakes fist*
  10. Snotwick
    A weird one only used by my friends on my street growing up. This was some kind of odd evolution from Chas -> Chadwick/Chaswick -> Snotwick
  11. Center for Disease Control