Less ranked than the numbers would indicate. @FCheever
  1. NOLa's
    I think NOLa=New Orleans, Louisiana. Or maybe it's a person. But it's a Cajun restaurant that turns into probably the best place to have a solid good time in Palo Alto if you're not trying to dance. Be careful with the hurricane bowl (think scorpion bowl). I blacked out here in my 26th birthday.
  2. Rose & Crown
    Feels like a really authentic British pub. Always full of grad students and foreigners and weird nerds. I think you can order 2 different food items -- fish and chips or a plate of curry. They always have a bunch of weird beers on tap that you've never heard of unless you're an afficionado, but don't expect to be able to try them all unless you're a regular because the bar tender hates everyone -- or at least me -- and will ignore you for 15 minutes before each time he serves you.
  3. Antonio's Nut House
    Where all the penniless grad students hang out. The floor is always covered in peanut shells. Go here if you are a grad student or wish you were one. It has personality! On California Ave.
  4. Rosewood
    Legendary cougar night and this hotel bar on Sand Hill (Google it, seriously). Apparently the best place to meet pros if you are for some reason looking for that in Palo Alto. They bring in a bus load of Eastern Europeans on (Tuesday? Wednesday? Thursday?) nights and have some arrangement with the jewelry store.
  5. The Old Pro
    A cheesy over the top sports bar. Mechanical bull. One way mirror that lets you peek into the men's room. Probably the most hopping place in Palo Alto on a normal weekend. Lots of b&t. If you actually want to watch sports it is good in the sense that they have a lot of TVs so they can show all the games but bad in that it's usually super crowded and full of idiots and they charge a huge cover ($20 or so) during big games.
  6. The Wine Room
    Funky little cottage on Ramona Street that just serves wine. If you are going on a date with someone over 38,I bet this is where you guys meet up.
  7. Joya
    A swanky Spanish restaurant that turns into a bar. If you are going on a date with a girl who thinks she is really high class but only kind of is, this is where you should take her. The sangria is tasty!
  8. Scotty's
    So townie. I've lived in Palo Alto for 9 years and I don't feel local enough to go in here. It's just a regular bar. With regular tables. And regular drinks. The most regular place of these.
  9. Gordon Biersch
    Think of GB as a "craft" Applebee's. The brew their own beer. And serve things like burgers with lots of bbq sauce. And Thai chicken pizza. The food is all so-so but the beer is supposed to be great (I can't tell bc I just think all beer tastes like shit and then go slam Coors Lights). Bar is a good place to watch football when Old Pro is overcrowded.
  10. Gravity Wine Bar
    I liked this better when it was Melt: Ultralounge but when the Ultralounge craze of the late aughts ended, gravity happened. Gravity always wins in the end. A totally serviceable wine bar.
  11. Rudy's The Patio
    Physically separate from Rudy's this is the ultimate bridge and tunnel club hangout in Palo Alto on weekend nights. On weekdays a solid sports bar with a big outdoor area.
  12. Four Seasons
    There's nothing near the Four Seasons so it's almost all people in town for meetings. Obviously nice and often quite crowded!