1. Michael C Hall, or just Dexter
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    These days this is by far the most common comparison I get. Separately, Will Levine used to tell me I had serial killer eyes. In alternate universe where I could act, maybe I could have played Dexter. Side note: have not actually watched the show.
  2. Josh Hartnett
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    Especially around the time of the Virgin Suicides through Pearl Harbor. Now my looks and his 💫 have both faded...
  3. Ashton Kutcher
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    When Ashton was with Demi in the mid 2000s I dated an older woman and Ashton was the codename her friends used for me. One time I got to meet the real Ashton in person and I thought about telling him this but I decided he wouldn't think it was as flattering a comparison as I did.
  4. Nathan Fillion
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    Sometimes get his comparison from people who have Googled me but never seen me in real life. I don't see it at all and so it is my least favorite just because I don't think it's accurate.
  5. Chris Drayer
    When I was growing up and on the PGC tennis team, whenever we would play the Edgeworth Club, kids would awkwardly stare at me and occasionally come up to me and tell me I looked exactly like Chris Drayer. Apparently he skipped 7th grade. Have never been able to track him down to confirm or deny the resemblance.
  6. Here is a picture of me w/ my sisters
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    I don't look like Francie at all and people sometimes think we are dating which is gross. I used to look a lot like Mary except for our noses and my hair isn't blonde anymore. Sometimes people say I look like my dad. Yes I always look stoned but no I never actually am.