Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham had a band together that released one eponymous album. The album was really good but not a hit and that failure led them to joining to Fleetwood Mac and the rest is history.
  1. Don't Let Down Me Down Again -
    Don't understand how this was not a hit when it came out and wasn't rereleased. Also a pretty good live version from Alabama where the band randomly developed a cult following.
  2. Crying in the Night -
  3. A rerecorded version of this song was on the soundtrack to the movie Practical Magic
  4. Instrumental
  5. Lola (My Love) -
    You can find a live version of this on YouTube that I think is better than the album version.
  6. Frozen Love -
    Really long
  7. Without a Leg to Stand On
  8. Long Distance Winner
  9. Races are Run
  10. Django