@FCheever and I are both obsessed with Ryan Adams. Last Friday we drove the Batmobile up to see him in Santa Rosa.
  1. THE VENUE was immediately adjacent to a hospital
    Emergency room right, Ryan Adams concert left, depending on what ails you.
  2. You couldn't bring food to your seats but you could bring beer in as long as you bought a sippy cup so that you wouldn't spill.
    In general, the place was anal retentively run in 70 pct good/30 pct too much way. Assigned seats, Playbill like programs for everyone. David Sedaris is reading here next week. Everything so spotlessly clean. Felt like visiting a winery. Like everything does up there.
  3. WARDELL was the opening act.
    They introduced themselves as brother and sister which I thought was a joke because the boy guitarist was dark dark black and the girl singer was pale pale white. His guitar kept cutting out. But they were pretty good. Turns out they are Steven Spielberg's kids and they were, in fact, brother and sister.
    Was special. The highlight of the whole show came early. I hope someone recorded it because this version of Dirty Rain was better than anything you can find recorded so far. It really rocked out and was full of soul.
    Demolition is so underrated!!! This was a really good Dear Chicago. He changed up the way he sang "thinking some of suicide" and really emphasized it. Don't do it, Ryan. We need you man.
  6. Someone shouted out a request for The Summer of '69
    The joke is that The Summer of 69 is a Bryan Adams hit. And so it's like you bought a ticket to the wrong concert by accident. If you don't know the history, Ryan Adams HATES this for some reason and will call people assholes and/or get them thrown out of the show. BUT he actually played a version of this in Tennessee a few weeks ago. For the first time ever. But he was not happy this time and it put him in a very bad mood and he called the guy an asshole. Repeatedly.
  7. KIM
    Ryan was still in a bad mood bc of the Summer of 69 thing. He said the song is called Kim but it's actually about Derek. Then he called the summer of 69 guy an asshole again. And then made the really about Derek joke again. And then accused the summer of 69 guy of just trying to get a reaction out of him and reminded everyone they were at a Ryan Adams concert. And then made the joke about Derek again and then played the song. And it was great.
  8. A group of 4+ girls got up and shouted in unison a request for La Cienega Just Smiled
    "You guys planned that! You could rob a bank or something that requires coordination. We have some time left. I think we can do that. But in a little bit. We're in the middle of the sandwich now and that might fit on the last piece of bread. But if it doesn't happen just remember that my whole career and all of my songs are about disappointment. So you'd be getting an authentic Ryan Adams experience that way too."
    This was really good. By this time, I think R.A. had gotten his groove back and wasn't still fixated on the Summer of 69 thing.
  10. He sang a lullaby to two sleeping little kids
    It was cute. Then he ripped on some audience members for seeming unmoved. Said they must be from Pitchfork. Classic Ryan Adams. Just can't let it go.
    This is a test. That reveals the lamest, worst people at the concert. As soon as he played the first note and we knew what it was and other people started to realize and some of them cheered, @FCheever and I exchanged glances because we are Ryan Adams snobs and look down on all those people who just like him for his ok-but-not-as-good-as-Oasis cover of Wonderwall--which is a great song but not a Ryan Adams song.
  12. Dan doesn't do sports
    He introduced the band. The drummer looks just like a Danish Philip Seymour Hoffman. Maybe he faked his death to go on this tour? The keyboard player was named Dan and he's from Northern Virginia. "Go Redskins!" someone shouted. Dan said right into the mike "Thank you! I appreciate it but I don't do sports." So RA made up a song on the spot called "Dan doesn't do sports." It was pretty good.
    He closed out the show with a sick version of I See Monsters that really rocked and had a great light show and was drawn out worthy of an act closing song.
    He said he was gonna go hide behind his big amp for 20 seconds before coming out for his fake encore but he didn't even bother. But he played Come Pick Me Up which was the right thing to do. And it was f*cking great. Thank you Ryan Adams.
  15. He never played La Cienega Just Smiled
    So Ryan Adams.
  16. For someone so independent minded, he always shuts up and plays his hits
    Maybe Pitchfork would like him better if he didn't.
  17. This was the first time I've ever felt at a concert: "He played all the crowd favorites but I kind of wish he went deeper into his catalog or maybe played more of his new stuff"
    His catalog runs deep. SO. DEEP.
  18. I think Ryan Adams might be a cat person
    I don't know if I can deal with this.