Recycled from /r/ShowerThoughts. Channeling my inner BuzzFeed
  1. X88B88 looks like the word voodoo reflecting off itself
  2. The sinking of the Titanic must have been a miracle to the lobsters in the kitchen
  3. When you drink alcohol you are just borrowing happiness from tomorrow
  4. When Sweden is playing Denmark, it is SWE-DEN. The remaining letters, not used, are DEN-MARK
  5. Trying to get rich by playing the lottery is like trying to commit suicide by flying on commercial airlines.
  6. The word Fat looks like someone just took a bit out of the word Eat
  7. Mitch Hedberg would have been the king of Twitter
  8. When a pregnant woman swims, she is a human submarine
  9. Centaurs have two rib cages
  10. They should announce a sequel to the movie Groundhog Day and then just re-release the original.