Didn't do a great job counting here.
  1. Peter Scott
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    You may have seen him in Pittsburgh Pooh. Looking pissed off because this is when the Steelers got knocked out of the playoffs. F*ck that sucked.
  2. Picture of a parking meter so I could refill it from my phone without getting out of bed.
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  3. Outstanding in the Field / Oahu
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  4. Watching the finals of Lei Out
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    The world's largest beach ultimate frisbee tournament. In Santa Monica.
  5. @Mary put a bow on Mimi for Xmas
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    Does your grandmother come in costume for non-Halloween holidays?
  6. FAMRI Library
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    I sent this to some Asian ppl and they LoLed
  7. Evan complaining about the Steelers personnel decisions.
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    I don't know why I screenshotted this. I cropped out the part where I blame Todd Haley for everything and the offense immediately became the best in the league for the next month or so.
  8. Cheever family Chopped.
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    The dessert round. My parents (the judges) wouldn't say it but I definitely got chopped. My whipped cream just would not rise.