1. E
    The worst! Somehow is lame and boring and a party pooper but at the same time never prevents anything bad from happening and is self destructive and rash and stupid. Why would you just not sign that prenup? And why call Sloan a slut when you want to get back with her? He bothers me the most bc he is in some ways the central protagonist of the show and yet he is just the worst. And have you ever done anything good or useful for Vince?
  2. Turtle
    His ideas are always terrible. Especially putting millions into an Italian restaurant and saying it is a sure thing. Nothing goes bankrupt more often than restaurants. Why are you always bothering pro athletes for money? People like you are the reason that documentary Broke exists Turtle.
  3. Sloan
    Has bad taste in men (E). Last name is hard to spell. Otherwise great.
  4. Ari
    Mostly the man. 👍🏻👍🏻. Should be with Dana Hamilton instead of his wife. Too mean to his assistant Lloyd sometimes for no reason but we know he loves him so it's ok.
  5. Mrs. Ari
    Boring. Keeps trying to prevent Ari from doing the thing he is good at (his job). Prevents Ari from being with the person he should be with (Dana).
  6. Drama
    Was stupid to screw over Phil Yagoda with that strike but otherwise no problem with Drama. He is kind of dumb but he is supposed to be. Lovable.
  7. Vincent Chase
    Nothing really. He's great! And takes care of his people. That's why everyone loves him. (Though IRL Marky Mark definitely has a DARK dark side and has some issues.)
  8. Bob Saget
    Probably should have just gone home w his daughter's middle school friends (in the movie cameo).
  9. In conclusion - E and Turtle should probably be cut from the entourage and replaced with better people. E and Sloan can be together even if he is kicked out of the entourage. Mrs. Ari and Ari should get a divorce. Everyone else can stay.