Je suis Charlie. Is this what you were looking for @zoe k?
  1. Has been to 38 weddings but never been in a wedding party
  2. Has double jointed shoulders (photographic explanation available upon request)
  3. Two things I am truly terrible at despite having done them more than a few times: swimming and playing the clarinet
  4. Two things I am the best at of anyone I know: speed chugging (beer, diet Dr. Pepper, whatever), and talking like a Yinzer.
  5. Lost a permanent front tooth in kindergarten. Got a fake one after high school. Learned to never smile in the in between.
  6. I hate having birthday parties because my friend groups don't mix well
  7. Southwest preferred airline because no change fees
  8. My best friend is Kirit Ganguli. He is almost un-google-able but if you go out in Pittsburgh, everybody knows him.
  9. Has never been to Taco Bell
  10. Has a large collection of electric skateboards. I have one of almost every kind ever made. Let me know if you want to try riding one.