To be clear, I really like all of these. Suggestions welcome @Price @FCheever
  1. Working on the Highway
  2. Darlington County
  3. Pink Cadillac
  4. Dancing in the Dark
    "There's something happen somewhere". At least it does rhyme with "nowhere" I guess?
  5. Hungry Heart
  6. Glory Days
    The worst song in the Springsteen canon -- and it's not close. Though, it conveniently serves as the dividing line between genuine fans and pretenders. This was never more apparent than standing backstage following the excellent third night of the Staples Center shows in 1999. A lame Hollywood producer, wearing a shirt two sizes too small, complained that Springsteen wasn't playing the songs the fans want to hear -- because the setlist did not include his favorite song: Glory Days. Case closed.
    Suggested by @Price
  7. Ramrod
    For those who don't know it -- remarkably, it's even worse than the title suggests.
    Suggested by @Price
  8. Just Like Fire Would
    Springsteen has done something so rarely seen in music -- consistently create great work into his sixties. His 2014 release, High Hopes, includes songs as relevant and inspired as any he's recorded -- which only makes this lame element of wordplay, from the same album, all the more curious.
    Suggested by @Price