Was there for the weekend for Pat's bachelor party
  1. Live music everywhere, and it's all at least pretty good
    And at all times of day. For example, in the downscale airport bar next to my gate. And in the lobby restaurant of the Doubletree I stayed at. And on street corners. And in every bar in the city.
  2. Warm nights
    There's no humidity in California. I hear Tennessee sucks in the summer but in early May, it was just beautiful.
  3. People come here for a calling
    According to my Lyft driver, Nashville is full of musicians because it's the only place they can make a decent living doing it. In contrast, the Bay Area has some of that with tech, but it's watered down with a lot of people who just want to make money or to have a respectable job.
  4. Relaxed but efficient
    When I went to print out my boarding pass there was no line, and a guy appeared and just asked my last name and took care of everything faster than I could have used the machine. Most places I went had a similar vibe.
  5. Racially harmonious
    At least what I saw was. Saw interracial couples walking around in public. Had random conversations with both black and white people walking around downtown. And have a distinct image of sitting in a pizza place on Saturday night watching a white girl and a black girl do a dance together in the street surrounded by their friends. Feel a tiny bit bad that I assumed it would be otherwise just bc it's in the South.
  6. Airport really close to downtown
    When you're just in and out this makes a huge difference
  7. Reminds me of Pittsburgh
    In different ways, both oases in the middle of otherwise depressed regions. Spring in Nashville feels like summer in Pgh. Feel similarly sized. But not as good of a football team.