By default, he is cool with almost everything. Here are some of the rare exceptions.
  1. Take the Money and Run by The Steve Miller Band
    Overall bad message glamorizing senseless violence and crime against innocents. The line "Makes his living off other people's taxes" really offensive. Billy Mack is protecting the public and solving crimes. Isn't that a worthy use of our tax $$?
  2. Dead Poets Society
    "Just a total mischaracterization of what it's like at a boarding school. I had a wonderful time at Groton."
  3. Hotel California by The Eagles
    "The Eagles are a great band but this song is just nonsense."
  4. Piano Man by Billy Joel
    Why does this guy think he's so much better than all these people who are at the bar with him (and tipping him!)? Disgustingly patronizing.
  5. Only The Good Die Young by Billy Joel
    Ripoff of Springsteen. Should note that my dad does like other Billy Joel songs. Don't read too much into the two appearances on this list!
  6. Rhubarb. Pumpkin Pie
    Will eat these but not his favorites. "Just never really cared for them."