1. Walk around Stanford
    It's really pretty. Walk down Palm Drive from downtown PA to the oval and then hang out at the Oval and then go into the church area
  2. Statue Garden at Stanford
  3. Hang out with me
    I get lonely
  4. Run or hike The Dish
    A 4.1 mile long trail over the rolling hills above Stanford. Weird scene, mix of housewives, high schoolers, Stanford students, and gigantic satellite dishes. Good views of the area.
  5. Go to Coupa Cafe
    This is an iconic spot where you might spot important technology people or venture capitalists having meetings.
  6. Go to an old movie at Stanford Theatre
    They show only old movies at this theatre. Ex. This week is a Hitchcock week.
  7. Eat
    There are some good restaurants.
  8. Go to San Francisco
  9. Make the brave trek across the 101 to IKEA
    Because no one makes it through IKEA in less than a few hours.
    Suggested by @brooke