I think everyone in my 4th grade class would agree he was the best author out there. I'm ranking these mostly by how well I remember them.
  1. Matilda
    The most memorable characters. Mr. Wormwood and Mrs. Wormwood. Miss Honey. The Trunchbull hammer throwing the girl with pigtails!!!! Bruce Bogtrotter and his cake. The newt. The hypothetical report cards of Matilda's classmates. I think this book must have heavily influenced Harry Potter as well. They are so spiritually similar. If I had to pick only one, it would be any of the top 3 (5?) but today it is this one.
  2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    Special place in my heart because it was about _me_! The characters are all really great of course. This is probably his most famous book and deservedly so. Such character.
  3. Fantastic Mr. Fox
    I think Mr. Fox is the character I'm most attached to emotionally of any of R.D.'s. So much story in a very short book too.
  4. Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator
    I think I'm still scared of the Vermicious Knids.
  5. James and the Giant Peach
    I wanted to drink fizzy lemonade like the aunts on the porch. One day I finally got my wish.
  6. Boy
    This one was special because it not only gave you insight into the author's real life which enriched all his other works but because his storytelling made his rather normal life just so so fantastical.
  7. The Witches
    This book was a great adventure. I don't think the movie version of it captured the book's spirit very well unfortunately.
  8. Danny, The Champion of the World
    I remember this because it felt like it had more uncomfortable gray area than most Roald Dahl books where the good are almost perfect and the bad are very bad.
  9. George's Marvelous Medicine
    This was just fun. Lots of good words.
  10. The Twits
    Roald Dahl is the best ever at describing odious people and he spends this whole book showing off how good he is at it which is a treat.