1. Miami Vice
    Still cool almost 30 years later. Inspiration for at least half of everything after it set in Miami and also Nash Bridges.
  2. Burn Notice
    If you change the channel to USA, this is basically what you are hoping for
  3. The Golden Girls
    I did not know this show was set in Miami but apparently it was
  4. Top Chef: Miami
    One of the best seasons of one of the best cooking shows. "Pack your knives and go" -Padma
  5. Dexter
    I have not seen this show but apparently I look like Michael C Hall and/or a serial killer
  6. Dave's World
    The mid 90s CBS comedy about Miami Herald columnist Dave Barry's life. Not so fun fact: The real Dave Barry divorced his real life wife halfway through the show's run.
  7. Glades
    The detective on this show is "hard to work with" but no one ever calls him on it and he's just obnoxious and annoying. Would need to be more British to get away with this (House, Jeremy Brett or Johnny Lee Miller as S.H.)
  8. CSI: Miami
    Just go on YouTube and watch that montage where they do all the sunglasses lines. Everything else about this show is really bad. http://bit.ly/1y9mGkl