Suggest people I missed in the comments. Or argue too high/low. And yes, relisting, commenting, liking, and following me may help you move up these rankings. Unabashedly biased.
  1. James Naismith probably won the first few games of basketball right after he invented the rules. @bjnovak didn't invent the list or even the listicle but he has a head start on us on ListApp, at least for now. Always on key. "Wisest Things My Dad Has Said to Me" is his best list (or maybe Mr. Novak deserves the credit for that one.)
  2. Relative newcomer but breathtaking debut. Search "Memoirs by" and enjoy. Effortlessly pulls you in to the inside of inside jokes and weaves poignant stories bullet by bullet. Brad Watson once said a novelist spends 25 or 30 years on her first novel and 2 on her second and that's why so many second novels don't measure up. Can Zoe K keep this up or has she already pulled everything out from under the radiator?
  3. Do not search for her on Google without including her middle name if you are at work.
  4. New kid on the block but defeated @zoe head-to-head in a list battle ("Favorite Imaginary Band Names"). Could be something special when she grows up.
  5. Unmatched volume. Lev wears his heart on his lists. He wants us to love what he loves. When it hits, it strikes a chord. When it misses, we scratch our heads and learn something about jewish hip hop culture.
  6. Included in these rankings almost entirely on the strength of "The Thinking Person's Springsteen Playlist". Sure, it has no commentary on any of the songs, and leaves out the live version of "The River" with the 8 minute monologue before it that's more moving than the song itself, but who else could go *40* deep into the Boss' catalog without succumbing to the temptation to throw in a no-brainer like Thunder Road?
  7. Could be higher if she tried harder. Versatile. Can do the whimsical kind of list that attracts a lot of likes ("Fictional Characters I Want To Bone That Would a Mess IRL", "Concerns of a Basic Bitch") but really shines as one of the few who can keep her more mundane lists interesting ("True Crime to Look Up on Google", "Medium Length Things to Read on a Long Flight")
  8. Consistent, workmanlike production. But also stretching the boundaries of the form ("New Year's Resolutions in Emoji Form")
  9. Corny but charming. See "Listionary" in the current editor's picks.
  10. Highlights include "Ridiculous Cars Seen Every a Day" and "Shit Sorkin Characters Do That Would Make Everyone Hate Them in Real Life". Also, public service announcement: @dev controls the list of editor's picks. Check out his list of ways to bribe him to get on it.
  11. Honorable mentions: @Grosstastic (took too much time off lately), @mkz and @x (shout out for making this app), @celine, lots of new people with lots of promise.
  12. Notes: All you new people who just signed up: You must have been on ListApp for at least 4 days to make the power rankings, so don't feel bad if you didn't make it yet. If you think you're good, tell me about yourself in the comments here.