I didn't mean for this list to be so creepy. I'm leaning hard on the this-is-a-️safe-space/we're-all-vetted-friends-here vibe of the beta.
  1. The movie Wonder Boys, a dramatization of your husband's book of the same name was filmed in part at my high school while I was there. They put a lot of fake snow on the grounds since they wanted to film winter scenes in the middle of May. Everyone wanted to catch a glimpse of Katie Holmes because Robert Downey Jr. was in between being a big star then.
  2. I gave your dad a tour of a building on campus when I was in college. I was drunk and don't remember the details.
  3. I had a meeting with your dad at your family's apartment in Chelsea a few years ago.
  4. Your OkCupid cofounder Sam Yagan was my CS50 TF. He gave me lots of 0/10s for style. Which was fine until I started dating a girl a year older than me and she told me she had always gotten 11/10 for style on every assignment and that her TF -- Sam Yagan -- had asked her out on a date. Dick. At least I got the girl?
  5. I grew up with @mrcortcass and you performed at the Beefsteak when I was there a couple years ago but I missed your show :(
  6. I was following Modern Seinfeld on Twitter before ListApp existed
  7. Bonus 2 degrees: @ricky
    I used to work with Amir Blumenfeld (from the web series Jake & Amir)'s older brother.