When we visited @FCheever and saw the future.
  1. If you hit the wrong floor on an elevator you could hit the button again to cancel going there
  2. Call button on the table at restaurants
    So you can get your server's attention without staring at them aggressively until they make eye contact.
  3. Updated check always on the table
    So when you're done eating you can just pay. Probably this will be "uberized" in a few years (no tipping, credit card on the phone app you made the reservation with gets automatically charged so you can just leave), but this was pretty good for 2008.
  4. GPS in every cab
    So any cab could get you wherever you needed to go as long as you had the address.
  5. Live professional video games
    StarCraft was the most popular game then. We got on TV (three times!) for being the only white people in the audience.
  6. Astoundingly good cell phone reception
    Suggested by @danny