Often feat. Stanley P Kachowski and/or Donnie Iris. These are amazing if you get all the references and can understand the Yinzer accent. But I imagine they are mostly headscratching otherwise.
  1. Roger Waters in Cranberry - http://bit.ly/1DYc2AI
    I really love this. Stanley P Kachowski tells the story of how Roger Waters moved to Cranberry Township and they go to Hooters. Just brilliant.
  2. CSI: Pittsburgh - http://bit.ly/1DD2xoF
    All the lines between the lines are gold here. You need to know stuff about the Steelers from the early 90s to fully appreciate this but it's pretty funny on the service.
  3. Probably considered the #1 classic by connoisseurs of the genre. Get my disability check and pow, dahn to pants n'at.
  4. North and South Park - http://bit.ly/1CDy7i8
    A dramatic Pittsburgh suburban soap opera. If you ask me to do a Yinzer accent, I'll probably quote this.
  5. Multiple episodes that are all good. I think my favorite is The Piddler.
  6. Evgeni's Diary
    Hilarious readings of fictional diary entries by Evgeni Malkin that typically focus on his relationships with other hockey players most notably his ongoing feud with Ovechkin
    Suggested by @anneclark