Virgin America is good too so don't hate VX fans. Inspired by @videodrew
  1. No change fees
    If you are a person who is horribly disorganized or values flexibility, this is a game changer.
  2. No assigned seating
    If you fly with a group of people who buy tickets separately this makes things a lot easier.
  3. Best website and mobile app
    Not flashy but you can do everything you need quickly and it's not too confusing.
  4. Each leg of a trip is priced separately
    So you don't have to look at n^2 itineraries and can sanely mix and match flights when figuring out your trip.
  5. I have status on SWA
    Ok this just applies to me. They don't have a first class cabin but you can board first so you get your stuff in overhead bins which is all I care about.
  6. Fly in an out of all Bay Area airports and most cities I want to go
    Life is way better when can fly out of SJC and not worry about the insanity that is SFO. OAK a hidden gem.
  7. Friendliest and funniest airline staff
    Can be the last thing you want if you are tired and sick of traveling but the flight attendants always smile and try hard to entertain you. Kind of like the In n Out a Burger of the skies that only serves cans of Bloody Mary mix and peanuts. Fly through Vegas on a Friday of full effect. (ht @bjnovak)