I listened to nothing in my car but Wilco for 18 months straight around 2004-2005 (really! Not an exaggeration)
  1. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
    Everyone would say so and they'd be right. "The best album about 9/11 was actually made before 9/11", etc., etc., etc.
  2. Being There
    This album is never satisfying but somehow that makes it unendingly listenable because you're still waiting for the payoff years later. Like protein kale shake cf. sugary pop.
  3. Summerteeth
    Annoying at first but keeps growing and growing on you. "Something in my veins bloodier than blood". At this rate, may one day be my favorite.
  4. AM
    I miss Uncle Tupelo. Why couldn't you guys make it work? Dash 7 should be on a soundtrack sometime.
  5. A Ghost is Born
    The drop in Spiders, Kidsmoke makes up for all of the unsatisfyingness of Being There. My ex-HLP used to put this song on and fast forward through the first 8 minutes of it.
  6. The Whole Love
    Best album in a long time. If you work hard you can still produce when you are old!
  7. Sky Blue Sky
  8. Wilco (the album)
  9. Not included: Billy Bragg collaborations, etc. but California Stars is great.