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And why those ideas went down the drain
  1. Vet- the idea of sticking needles in puppies was ( and still is) very upsetting to me
  2. Archaeologist- too dusty, reality was too far away from Indiana Jones. I still really like dinosaurs though.
  3. Popstar- I wanted a girl band of my own. Decided I would hate it.
3 more...
  1. Naming that actor who's name you can't remeber
  2. Knowing useless information about seemingly random subjects. Usually I have learnt this information from a musical. (See the Mormon religion or the American founding fathers)
  3. Reading faster than anyone else I know. I get through my overnight Twitter timeline very fast.
  4. Knowing everything about American to shows that know British person I know has heard of
  1. Lord of the Rings
  2. Shaun of the Dead
  3. Edward Scissorhands
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