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  1. eugene
  2. walton
  3. alister
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  1. never seen: Jaws
    yeah, I've never seen it
  2. but I have seen: No Way Jose
    a movie directed by adam goldberg that I'm p sure went straight to redbox, but only the redboxes outside of a walgreens in san marcos, texas
  3. never seen: The Godfater Part II
    boy, I wonder how the middle part of the trilogy goes!
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  1. whoever made the last 15 minutes of the movie were not the same people who made the first 105
  2. if all these conversations actually happened before his launches, steve jobs is the greatest performer of all time
  3. I liked the decision to go from 16mm/35mm/digital, even thought it is a little on the nose
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emoji description of each
  1. griffin and david present @GriffLightning @davidlsims
  2. complete guide to everything
  3. filmspotting
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these are a few lists that I will either make or not make
  1. fuccboi hall of fame
    an expansive list of people throughout history that I would label as a "fuccboi"
  2. favorite teachers
    because they're important, ya know?
  3. favorite boy meets world moments
    believe it or not, this show directly informed me on how teenz are to act
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