1. whoever made the last 15 minutes of the movie were not the same people who made the first 105
  2. if all these conversations actually happened before his launches, steve jobs is the greatest performer of all time
  3. I liked the decision to go from 16mm/35mm/digital, even thought it is a little on the nose
  4. aaron sorkin should write nothing other than screenplays about nerdy assholes
  5. because he probably is a nerdy asshole himself
  6. my phone autocorrected "sorkin" to "dork" lol
  7. hey, steve jobs helped create autocorrect! isn't this turning out to be cute hehehe
  8. the middle section where they cross-cut between the jobs/scully conversations will either make or break the movie for a lot of people- I thought it was great. fantastic editing
  9. however, the info dumps between sections were an awful editing/time-telling technique
  10. more biopics should follow the format used here instead of trying to tell the whole story
  11. knee-jerk comparison: birdman meets end of the tour? do with that what you will
  12. very strong performances and screenplay. 4/5 stars