1. Feeling tired
    Not sleeping early enough due to watching tv
  2. Why? Feeling a need to wind down w out thinking out of control/ need downtime
    ****Solution: take 1 hr of downtime with Ellie during the day. Lunchtime.
  3. ***try reading 30 min before bed
  4. Not exercising enough
  5. Not eating well
    Culprit: 1. Eating junk food at night 2. Eating ready-meals when too tired to cook
  6. Why?
    Feel the need to reward myself
  7. ***fruit & dark choc or wine as reward with a great magazine
  8. ***have frozen meals ready to heat
  9. ***have already cooked veggies or washed/cut veggies available
  10. ***plan meals for week
  11. Not getting time to work by myself
    Mon, wed night/tues/thurs
  12. Not having place clean, errands done
  13. ***each night go over next day and clean and prep
  14. 1. Dishes
  15. 2. Jayden's school things
  16. 3. My bag ready