The night is heading into the AM, I can't fall asleep, and the Atmospheric Calm spotify playlist is not doing the trick. Thus, a list.
  1. Galleria Borghese, Rome:
  2. The art itself - stunning. Tons of Bernini and Caravaggio who have been my favorites every since I rented one documentary on baroque art.
    Ah yes, I am an expert now.
  3. The gardens are magical.
    I wanted to stroll through the gardens but my brother insisted we Segway. Segways do not merit the hype.
  4. Institute of Art, Chicago
    In my opinion, the greatest collection of Impressionist art one can find in America. And yes, even I find myself pretentious.
  5. The Peggy Guggenheim, Venice:
  6. Formerly living there as a home, Peggy converted this gorgeous property on the Grand Canal into a beautifully curated modern art heaven.
  7. Might I add that yung Peggy was a stunner?
  8. The Met, New York
    Speaks for itself. A staple of every New York trip.
  9. The National Gallery, Washington D.C.
    They offer every visitor a free sketchbook, to wander around and draw their favorite pieces!
  10. The Getty, Los Angeles
    Key piece of childhood. Being raised in LA means a field trip to the Getty every year. Highlight of the year. Admittedly I wasn't a conscious human at that age and unable to appreciate the art, but you better believe I appreciated that grassy hill that was practically made for rolling down.
  11. Ghibli Museum, Tokyo
    I've been four times and I've never outgrown it. Seeing Miasaki's studio really brings the Ghibli Magic to life and awakes the child in everyone. Plus there's a life-size plush cat bus.