1. I'm practicing for the SAT Chemistry Subject Test and I bought a review book. I opened the front cover and saw this.
  2. I was working through the book, and on page 3 I found this.
    CLASSIC less vs. fewer. Rookie mistake. Amateurs. These guys were begging to pay me a $5 reward.
  3. I immediately emailed Sterling Test Prep and they graciously apologized for the error. They asked for my Paypal email to transfer me the $5.
  4. Of course, I insisted that they mail me a physical check instead.
    How can I trust them to figure out a digital cash transfer if they can't even sort out 8th grade grammar?
  5. Now I have this.
  6. A couple days later I decided that it was a shitty book and ordered a different one.
  7. So in reality it was the dumbest $13 I ever lost.