This past year I've claimed and now acting on two God-sized visions. 1) To become a curator and voice of our generation on streetwear and trends. 2) To build a space, whether gallery or museum, that builds programs and exhibitions dissecting contemporary way of dress. And 23BLVD was born...
  1. It's all about the shoes... And not.
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    While yes, they are vital and defining. There are just more than sneakers to streetwear.
  2. We don't know what the fuck we're wearing anymore.
    How has globalization, e-commerce, social networking, and the internet in general influenced an increase in retail cycles and influence shopping behavior?
  3. There's substance to every piece of garment no matter how fast it cycles out or become a staple.
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    I.E. The White Tee
  4. It's more than just designer labels. And more above non-brand, affordable selects.
    There's a power to streetwear, simply because in the end what enables fashion is the people. I'm talking about the middle and lower income classes that hustle to obtain and help afloat this high end shit, or become completely imaginative and create style trends that inspire and feed luxury brands.
  5. Understanding our dress helps us carve out our own style and individuality.