A work in progress.
  1. Gwen Stefani the sweet escape tour
    My first concert ever. I was 13. Irvine meadows amphitheater with my parents in tow. My mom threatened to leave after the opening acts of Akon and Lady Sovreign. Incredible.
  2. No Doubt reunion tour
    Also Irvine meadows. Gwen did push ups for 3 mins straight while singing I'm just a girl and I almost cried
  3. Kate Nash (like 4 different times)
    Girl gang forevs, I am such a groupie
  4. Taylor Swift Red tour
    Staples center. Ed Sheeran opened. Bless.
  5. Lady Gaga- Monster Ball and Art Rave
    Both with chloe: duh.
  6. The Kills
    2x) Best live show I think I've seen, they didn't go on at The Wiltern until 12 the first time and their opening acts were the worst but it was worth it. Second time at fox theater Oakland five years later, it was a sold out last night of their tour and I had an out of body experience
  7. Odd Future
    Not my choice. Confused mostly. Someone yelled at me for wearing a frank ocean shirt to the gig.
  8. Frank Ocean
    2012 right after the channel orange release. WHERE ARE YOU BOO
  9. Lana deal Rey
    Also 2012. She played jazz music until she came on and honestly is so talented live, won me over.
  10. One Direction
    Absolute mayhem, that being said so happy we went when we did. RIP.
  11. Kanye Yeezus tour
    A full blown production, a sight to see. Even more entertaining was the crowd of ye wannabes. Kendrick opened and killed it.
  12. Coachella 2012
    why did my mom even let us go to this senior year??? best lineup. Best weekend. Just all the things. Shout out to the random group of dudes/ guardian angels in Indian headdresses who helped us find the buses when we were lost in a campground at 3am. Notable acts included: Arctic monkeys, Sleater Kinney, Radiohead, Beirut, Kendrick, Santigold, Laura Marling, Snoop Dogg/ Dre/ Eminem, Gary Clark Jr, Amon Tobin
  13. Ellie Goulding
    QWEEN. Still processing this one
  14. Ben Howard
    Greek theater Berkeley. Beautiful starry night and everyone sang along. Man on tambourine was an added bonus. Daughter opened and I cried. Lol.
  15. George Ezra
    Mimi surprised me as my going away present when I moved away from SoCal. He covered Macie Gray and I loved it so hard. It was his first sold out show.
  16. Mumford & Sons
    The Forum in LA. Insanely good live. Full blown rock show. Jack Garratt opened and blew me away.
  17. R. Kelley
    What a wild ride. Entire audience was parents on a date night. Chloe got asked to go on stage. At one point he randomly covered the Star Wars theme?? Glad we made it out of there.
  18. All time Low
    Halloween. HIGHSCHOOL. House of blues. All my pop punk teen angst dreams came tru.
  19. Kenny Loggins
    Hollywood bowl when I was 12 with my parents. He gave HIMSELF 3 encores. How the mighty have fallen. My mom LOVED IT though.
  20. Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett
    Also Hollywood bowl. Beautiful, classy, seriously LA evening. Both of them got chops.
  21. Matt Corby
    Seriously underrated. Look up videos from his pop up park series he did in Australia. I believe in angels bc of Matt
  22. John Mayer
    All jokes aside, he is an incredible guitarist.
  23. Blondie
    Queen Debby herself
  24. Kelly Clarkson
    So MILLENIAL of me. Was at the county fair.
  25. Weird al Yankovic
    At the OC fair.... I was probably 8, he was my brother's hero, it was indeed- weird .
  26. Conor Oberst
    With Jim James at The Fillmore in SF