1. Tate Modern- London
    Hands down my favorite, saw a Picasso IRL then the incredible view of the Thames and city scape outside and wept
  2. LACMA- LA
    Have really good exhibits. I saw the Tim Burton one there and was blown away. Also sometimes musicians have pop up shows outside the museum
  3. The Getty- LA
    My favorite museum on the west coast. Beautiful from top to bottom. I could spend a whole day here
  4. Museum Island- Germany
    It's a whole ISLAND of art. Love.
  5. The Louvre
    Obviously, when in Paris. Downside is the most pickpockets in the damn world operate in that room with Mona Lisa. WATCH OUT. And no selfie sticks for the love of God
  6. SF MoMa
    There's a SightGlass coffee INSIDE the museum. Also though... Great collection