Or a movie about my life
  1. Would have a Belle and Sebastian soundtrack
    Or anything baroque pop
  2. Everything would be seen through a shoegazey Sofia Coppola lens
  3. I would live in a beautifully up kept historical Parisian flat in Montmartre
    It would have rustic wooden floors and a great windowsill I could sit in and look down upon the city below
  4. The costuming would be campy and colorful like in Pushing Daisies
    I would wear a lot of great trench coats
  5. I would be a private eye or write for the papers
    The dialogue would be witty and sarcastic and quick, and my partner and I would obviously fall in love after years of working together solving crimes because nobody else could relate
  6. I would live above a cafe where I would have my coffee and read the news every morning
    It's run by an adorable family of Italians who I have Christmas dinner with every year
  7. And I would have a favorite cocktail lounge to frequent where I would stay until late into the evening hours discussing existentialism with my artist friends
    Tis but the crank of the evening darling
  8. Let me have this!!?