Don't judge me lol I know I'm forgetting ones
  1. Arcade Fire
    Every album has chronicled a period of my life and somehow described it in a way I don't think I ever could myself
  2. David Bowie
    I am his disciple. Please beam me up to space hell. Rock n Roll suicide forever gets me through
  3. Amy Winehouse
    Cynical, truthful, romantic, endlessly talented like I don't need to explain this
  4. Glen Hansaard
    An incredible songwriter
  5. Jack White
    I think you are a savant bless every project you've worked on
  6. Conor Oberst
    My whole raw and messy heart
  7. The Kills
    Allison Mosshart is a damn queen. Rock is not dead.
  8. Stevie Knicks