1. Amy Winehouse
    Because I'm equally as romantic as I am cynical about love (and she's a damn queen)
  2. DIY
    Kels and I built a wine rack this week AND macrame wall art (pro tip: build the wine rack before you drink all the wine it's probably much easier) we also made homemade pasta sauce and it was a revelation for me
  3. Dressing the part
    Had to start wearing blazers to work and not gonna lie I feel like a boss bitch when I throw on that sweet sweet blaze
  4. Being bold AF
    Gave a dude my number and was shocked at myself ✌🏼️😘💃🏻also bought pepperspray bc I am an independent woman who believes in self defense
  5. Prints
    Posters, photos, etsy prints: throw EM on the wall
  6. Stranger Things
    Giphy downsized medium
    Can't even begin to describe just watch it. IT IS AN EXACT REPLICA OF MY INNER AESTHETIC. Eleven and Hop forever I love u guys
  7. That's all folks