None of this is by any means advice, if anything it is a cry for help
  1. Act way too cocky about it at first
    "We flirt all the time" and then do something majorly ballsy like give him your number outright
  2. Get your ass handed to you
    0 to humbled real quick. DOES HE EVEN LIKE ME AT ALL?!??!!
  3. Not be lowkey at all about planning when you will next see eachother
    And what you will say/ wear/ do at said time
  4. Straight up ignore them
    Then wonder why they don't think you are interested
  5. Drink a little too much wine one night with your roommates and send some ~risky texts~
  6. Get a little weird and cry for no reason audibly wondering IF YOULL EVER FIND LOVE
  7. Get inappropriately jealous and possessive when they have very normal conversations with other people
    Like legit any other human entity
  8. Decide you in fact: no longer have a crush and it was all a fleeting misunderstanding
    This is true denial
  9. Listen to Karen O's crush songs on vinyl for an entire night
    She nailed that album y'all
  10. Get drunk again one night and send him a text with zero context saying he is "the first bad man"
    Awkwardly avoid each other at work after for too long past the point of explanation???
  11. Give up? Get married?
  12. Like what is he thinking though
  13. Bye